(Comfort & Safety)
A slogan we took at Smart Auto Rent a car to make our valued customers and government institutions comfortable and safe, where we provide a selection of cars, vehicles and equipment to make your work easier and less expensive, and this service is characterized by flexibility of prices and models of cars and variety, The need and desire of institutions and companies at times that fit them.
Smart Auto has the expertise, capabilities and skilled manpower to provide the best and best rental services to companies. The company currently manages and operates contracts for a large number of government institutions and private companies in Kuwait through its specialized team and contract management coach and through service centers spread throughout the State of Kuwait.
Features of this service:

· Maintenance and full care of cars.

· Delivery and receipt of the car at the company's headquarters.

· Variety of prices and types as desired by the customer.

· 24/7 help road service

· Comprehensive insurance coverage and client's desire calculation.