Mazaya Service

We offer you the most convenient way to enjoy the luxury of leasing by adding services and benefits that make your life easy, wonderful and beautiful, and make your driving easier and more enjoyable moments without having to worry about any obstacles you face in the car and its service.

1. Extra counter.
    Enjoy an additional dimension during the rental 2500 km for one year and 5000 km. period

2. Insurance coverage.
    Do not go under all insurance coverage on us.

3. Travel your car.
    Provide the customer with a free travel permit.

4. Receiving and delivery.
    Enjoy the delivery service and receive the car door to door without having to go to the service centers.

5. Service 24 hours.
    Call at any time for you to offer 24/7 service throughout the lease period.

6. Special discount on the excess counter
    The customer shall receive a discount on the counter exceeding the limit specified in the contract up to 60%.

7. Discounts on daily rental..
    The customer gets a special discount on the daily lease up to 30%.

Thank you for choosing to serve additional benefits that provide you with services that save you time and money and make you a leading leasing customer.